Why Is My Water Bill So High?

February 20, 2019

Have you noticed your water bill starting to creep higher and higher? If you’re certain that it’s not due to increased water usage, then there’s a possibility there’s some other issue around your home that’s causing your water bills to spike.
Here are some potential reasons for increasing water bills, from a company specializing in water heater repair in Coweta County, GA.

Constantly running or leaking toilets

Depending on the kind of toilet you have, you can expect it to use anywhere from six to 32 liters of water per flush, and account for about 25 percent of your indoor water use. A toilet that has a leak or is constantly running will significantly increase that water usage to the point where it could start to break the bank.

You will often start to hear a hissing sound if the toilet is constantly running. If you aren’t sure whether or not your toilet has a leak, add a bit of food coloring into the water tank, wait for about a half hour and check the bowl. If the water in the bowl also becomes colored, then you have a leak.
Leaking faucets

Again, leaks can wreak havoc on your water bills. Constantly dripping sinks, bathtubs and outdoor faucets aren’t just a nuisance—they can also waste up to 20 liters of water per day if dripping at a rate of one drip per second. Over time, this will add up to a lot of extra water use that will affect your monthly bill. Fixing leaking faucets can help you save money on those bills.

Pricing changes

It could be that you haven’t increased water consumption at all, either on purpose or by accident, and that the pricing for your water services have changed. Your local municipality will have some say over water costs, so if you believe the services themselves have simply become more expensive, you can check with the proper department in your local government to find out if that’s the case.

Broken meter

If you’re absolutely positive that you’re not using more water and you know that the services themselves remain at the same price, there’s a chance you have a broken water meter. You get charged for the amount of water the meter reports that you used in your home, and if the meter is reading your water usage at the incorrect levels, then obviously this is a problem. Fortunately, this issue isn’t nearly as common as leaks or malfunctioning water features in your home, but it still should be pretty easy to check for. If you’re certain you do not have any leaks in your home, stop using water for a day or so, and track the meter readings.

For more information about the issues that could be affecting your water bill, making it higher than you’d anticipated, contact the team at Victor Moody Plumbing Inc. We offer a wide range of plumbing services, including water heater installation in Coweta County, GA, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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