Why Is My Water Pressure So Low?

February 20, 2019

The water pressure you enjoy in your home can greatly influence your quality of life on an everyday basis. If you’re dealing with low water pressure, it can become more difficult to perform water-based chores, and it will be significantly harder to get any enjoyment out of a shower or bath.

So what exactly is it that’s causing you to have low water pressure in your home? Here’s some information from an emergency plumber in Coweta County, GA about the potential issues that could be hampering your water pressure.

Problems with the fixtures

Faulty fixtures are perhaps the most common cause of low water pressure. Old faucets and shower heads are more likely to get clogged up with scale, limestone, rust and dirt. Sometimes all it takes is taking off these faucets and shower heads and cleaning them out—a buildup of sediment can do a lot to impede water pressure. But if that doesn’t work, you might need to replace the fixture altogether. This is a job you can take on yourself—just make sure any new fixtures you get fit in the same openings, and that you turn off the water supply before you make the swap.

Water valve problems

The water flow to your home is controlled by a pair of shutoff valves. One of them can be found on the street side of your water meter, while the other is on your home side. Both are generally found on walls near where the water line comes in, though you might only have access to the latter. In some cases, poor water pressure can be caused by one of these valves not being completely open. If you recently performed maintenance on any of your plumbing systems, there’s a chance you didn’t open your shutoff valve all the way back up afterward.

Pressure regulator failure

If you have a pressure regulator installed in your home’s plumbing system, its failure could be the reason for your pressure problems. In such a case, you could be getting either very little water pressure or way too much water pressure. For this problem, it’s best to have a professional come in and make the repair or replacement. However, not all homes have a pressure regulator installed, so this may not be an issue you need to concern yourself with.

Corrosion forming in plumbing systems

Corroded plumbing is another common cause of water pressure problems, and is an issue that’s most likely to occur in older houses. For this reason, if you have an old house that’s having water pressure issues, it might be worth replacing all the plumbing. This will take time and can be a significant expense, but ultimately it may be necessary if you’re going to have completely functional plumbing systems. Plus, there’s some significant peace of mind that comes with knowing your very old plumbing system has been updated.

For more information about potential causes of water pressure issues in your home, we encourage you to contact a plumber in Coweta County, GA at Victor Moody Plumbing Inc. with any questions you have.

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