Is It Safe to Use Chemical Drain Cleaners in Coweta County, GA?

July 17, 2019

Clogged drains are both gross and inconvenient. Whether they’re clogged with hair, old food material or soap scum, they can prevent water from flowing freely down your drain and into your sewer system or your home’s septic system.

Many people believe that they should use a chemical drain cleaner as soon as they experience any trouble at all with flushing their drain. In fact, chemical drain cleaners can be overly harsh, and may cause problems later on down the road. Often, calling for the assistance of a drain cleaning company in Coweta County, GA is the best way to ensure that you’re not putting your pipes at risk.

Chemical drain cleaners are usually made primarily from liquid lye, a caustic chemical that causes severe burns when it comes into contact with human skin—because it’s so caustic, lye essentially melts fats and animal tissues.

Unfortunately, lye can also damage your pipes, particularly if you have an older home. Chemical drain cleaners may strip the pipes of protective coating, or damage areas that are already weakened from the rigors of daily use.

Instead of reverting directly to caustic chemical drain cleaners, consider using one of these ecologically conscious, pipe-friendly alternatives instead:

  • Mechanical removal: Mechanical options are a great way to remove many types of blockages, particularly if the blockage is close to the drain. You can use a clean plunger in the sink to break up blockages. Alternatively, an auger can snake through the drain and bring the blockage back up the surface.
  • Biological agents: Rather than using lye, consider using a probiotic cleaner. These drain cleaners may take a longer period of time to work than lye, but they’re far easier on your pipes. They use specially formulated bacteria to eat away at soap and biological material.
  • Home remedies: There are a number of home remedies that may help you break up blockages in your pipes. For instance, pouring baking soda followed by vinegar may help break apart the blockage. Similarly, boiling water may help to melt grease or soap-based blockages.
  • Avoid future blockages: The best way to keep your drains working correctly is by preventing them from clogging in the first place. You can avoid future blockages in your drains by not flushing grease down the kitchen sink, placing a hair guard in the shower and keeping cosmetic products out of the bathroom sink.

If none of these home remedies work, consider the benefits of calling for professional help from a trusted drain cleaning company in Coweta County, GA.

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