How Can I Keep Roots Out of My Pipes in Coweta County, GA?

August 30, 2019

There are many factors both inside and outside your home that can affect your plumbing and result in the need for plumbing repair in Coweta County, GA. The pipes that run underground outside your home can be especially hard to control, and it’s also hard to know when there’s an issue with them. Many environmental factors can affect the pipes outside your home, like roots growing into the pipes. Read on to learn more about problems that roots can cause for plumbing.

Controlling root growth

You may want to know how to prevent root growth into your pipes before it causes any issues. However, the problem is that root growth can be unpredictable. Growth rate is variable and affected by many factors, such as the soil depth, water supply, aeration, mineral supply and temperature. When trees grow in your lawn and surrounding areas, the roots extend far below and out from the tree, typically around two or three times but sometimes as much as seven times the height of the tree.

Fortunately, if you have discovered roots have entered your pipes or are causing problems with your plumbing, there’s a solution to help you avoid the need for frequent plumbing repair in Coweta County, GA. A plumber can trim the roots out of any pipe that is made of cast iron, plastic or clay tile. Unfortunately, if the pipe is made of corrugated iron or another thin wall material, the blades of the machine used to trim the roots could go through the pipe.

Alternatively, a licensed technician may be able to remove the roots from your pipes with a Roto-Rooter. The plumber can then recommend products to kill the roots in the pipes and prevent further root growth, which will not affect the rest of the tree’s root system or harm the plants. RootX, for example, is easy to apply—just pour the recommended amount into your toilet bowl and flush the product into the line twice a year. That way, you’ll not only fix the roots that have previously caused you issues, but you will prevent further root growth into your pipes.

Solve the problem when you know you have one

There does come a point where tree roots can cause problems beyond what a technician can fix. Every time the technician cuts the roots growing into the pipes, the root in the joint of the pipe remains. If this cycle keeps happening, it puts pressure on the joint and could eventually break it. Make sure you address roots early. If you suspect you have an issue, call for plumbing repair in Coweta County, GA. A technician can use a camera to look inside your pipes and see what the issue is and whether you need root trimming.

The team at Victor Moody Plumbing Inc. can help you with any root issues in your plumbing by trimming and providing products for prevention. We offer fast, reliable service and are available 24/7 for emergencies. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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