How the Changing Seasons Affect Plumbing: Tips to Stay Ahead

September 20, 2019

Though the majority of your plumbing system is hidden away from Mother Nature under floors and behind walls, the weather outside can still have a significant impact on it. However, as long as you’re prepared, your plumbing can handle whatever weather comes our way. Continue reading to learn more about how the weather affects your plumbing and how you can combat it with regular plumbing maintenance in Coweta County, GA:

  • Winter: Pipes and cold weather don’t mix very well. In fact, frigid temperatures can crack and burst your pipes, leading to major flooding and significant repairs. If there are any extremely cold nights in the forecast, remember to leave a trickle of water running from each faucet and to open the cabinet doors under all sinks.
  • Summer: Oppressive summer heat can make a big impact on several aspects of your home. Your plumbing is not immune to these summer conditions! High temperatures can lead to clogged drains and toilets, increased water pressure and leaky pipes.
  • Wind: Spring and autumn are two seasons that can get particularly windy. Though the wind doesn’t impact your plumbing in the same way freezing temperatures do, a strong gust of wind can still be a problem. Massive winds that topple trees can disrupt the underground plumbing, resulting in some significant repairs.
  • Rain: April showers might bring May flowers, but they also cause some big problems with flooding. Ensure that your basement or crawlspace stays dry by installing and maintaining a sump pump.

Get ready for winter!

Winter will be here before we know it. Follow these tips for plumbing maintenance in Coweta County, GA, and your plumbing will be safe throughout the chilly months:

  • Protect your pipes: We mentioned above that you should leave the water running and open the cabinets under your sinks on cold nights, but that won’t necessarily cut it in terms of pipe protection. Insulate any exposed pipes by wrapping them in foil or fiberglass. Also, never turn the heat totally off inside your home, as this will undoubtedly lead to some burst pipes.
  • Check your water heater: Your water heater is a crucial aspect of your home throughout the year, but the winter is when it gets the majority of its use (and abuse). Now is the perfect time to flush your heater to get rid of any sediment buildup. If you want, you can turn the temperature up a little bit in the winter so that everyone can get a nice hot shower.
  • Call a pro: Though you may be capable of handling your winter plumbing preparation, you’ll be in much better hands if you call a professional. A certified plumber can check every aspect of your system to ensure it’s ready to withstand any freezing temperatures. Though hiring a plumber for a routine inspection won’t be free, it’ll be far less expensive than calling someone to make emergency repairs.

Don’t choose anyone but our team at Victor Moody Plumbing Inc. when you need plumbing maintenance in Coweta County, GA. Contact us today to get a free estimate or to learn more about our services.

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