How Do You Keep Pipes from Freezing in a Vacant House?

October 31, 2019

If your home is going to be vacant over the winter, you’ll need to make sure your pipes are properly cared for. When water freezes inside your pipes, they can expand and burst, causing extensive and costly damage to your home. Since you won’t be home to observe any signs of damage, you could find yourself coming home to a very big mess.

Luckily, a little preventative maintenance and drain cleaning in Coweta County, GA can help keep everything running smoothly, so your second home remains a peaceful getaway spot. Winterizing your vacant home should focus heavily on the plumbing:

  • Shut off the water: Obviously, the most important thing you can do to prevent water damage is cut it off at the source. You won’t be using your home for several months, so shutting the water off won’t affect you or your lifestyle—plus, it will save you money.
  • Drain the pipes and open the valves: If you leave your valves closed, it may create a vacuum that will hold water inside the pipe, which could lead to frozen, cracked pipes. Go through your home and open every single valve, inside and out.
  • Drain your dishwasher and washing machine hoses: Even if your machines are in the insulated portion of your home, it will be much colder than if you were living there. Take the time to drain the hoses of any appliances that use water.
  • Take care of your hot water heater: You won’t need hot water while you’re away, so there’s very little point in keeping your hot water running all winter long. Open the drain on your heater and let the water run out. You may need to connect a garden hose if the hot water heater doesn’t come with a floor drain.
  • Flush your toilets: Flushing your toilets will drain the water. If you still aren’t able to get all the water out, add antifreeze to the tank and toilet bowl.
  • Add antifreeze to any drains with drain traps: Drain traps can hold water inside, which will then freeze and crack the drains while you’re away. Adding antifreeze will help prevent this issue.
  • Get your drains cleaned: Having a professional clean out your drains is a good idea anyway, but when you won’t be at home for months at a time, it makes sense to ensure everything is in good working order. Drain cleaning helps guarantee that your drains aren’t trapping and retaining water. It also helps reduce the presence bacteria in your plumbing and avoid any nasty odors that occur when water or other matter has been collecting too long.

Professional drain cleaning in Coweta County, GA

Preventative plumbing maintenance is the key to keeping your vacant home safe during the winter season. If your drains are showing signs of a developing clog or dangerous backflow, call Victor Moody Plumbing Inc. to set things right. We’ll thoroughly clean your drains, eliminating any blockages and removing any foreign objects impeding them. Get in touch today to schedule service.

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