Reasons for a High Water Bill

February 18, 2020

One of the many responsibilities of homeownership is covering the costs of necessary utilities, such as water. While water consumption may fluctuate on occasion, your bill should remain fairly consistent from month to month. However, one of the most common plumbing problems in Coweta County, GA that homeowners experience is usually also costing them a lot of money on their water bills.

So, why is your water bill so high? Here are some possible culprits:

  • Underground leaks: Unlike other types of leaks, one of the first indicators of underground leaks is a drastic increase in your water bills. Most experts recommend tracking your water usage every month to easily spot hard-to-notice plumbing problems in Coweta County, GA. If you notice that your bill is higher than before and there’s been no change in your water usage, there might be a leak or crack in one of the underground pipes that serves your house. You’ll want to get in touch with a plumber sooner rather than later to check about the underground pipes around your property.
  • Leaking or running toilets: You might be surprised to learn that 25 percent of your water consumption every month is just from flushing toilets. Toilets that are leaking or running can waste up to 90 gallons of water per day. Luckily, this is an issue you can easily diagnose without a plumber, unless you are unable to fix the problem yourself.
  • Leaking faucets: A droplet of water leaking from a faucet every second can add up to five gallons of wasted water. It’s so easy to ignore a dripping faucet, but before you realize it, that barely-noticeable drop has turned into a significant leak that is costing you money. Don’t forget there are water taps both inside and outside of your home. If you can’t find a leaky faucet in your house, check any outdoor taps that might be dripping.
  • Broken meters: While not as common as leaking faucets or running toilets, a broken meter can impact the total of your monthly bill. If you’ve confirmed that are no leaks, discontinue water use. Check the number on your water meter. Then fill a bucket with five gallons of water and see if your meter increased by five gallons. If not, you need to have your meter checked by your water provider as soon as possible.
  • Rate changes: Water companies can change their rates at any time. While they are required to notify you of changes, these messages often get lost in the shuffle. Compare bills from the previous years to current ones to uncover any rate changes, or call the company directly to inquire about the rate you are charged.
  • Seasonal or special circumstances usage increase: Holidays, visiting guests or new family members can increase the amount of water you consume. If you are paying a rate based on per gallon consumption, these events and life changes will be reflected on your monthly water bills.

Plumbing problems in Coweta County, GA can occur for any number of reasons. If you’re concerned about your water bill, leaking faucets, running toilets or any other plumbing issue, call the experts at Victor Moody Plumbing Inc. today. For plumbing concerns great or small, you can trust our team of experienced professionals to offer effective solutions at fair prices. Contact us now!

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