Five Signs You Need a New Water Heater Installed

August 13, 2020

Water heaters don’t last forever. But how can you know if it’s time for water heater repair or new water heater installation in Coweta County, GA? If your water heater needs attention, look for the following signs that it’s time to replace the unit.

It’s more than a decade old

The typical lifespan for a water heater is 10 to 15 years. If your unit has reached its tenth birthday, you may want to consider replacement rather than water heater repair in Coweta County, GA. It is likely that any further investment in your aging unit is not worth the time and money. You’ll be better off with a new unit that will not need as much maintenance going forward.

The hot water is discolored

Do you see brown, rusty liquid when you use hot water? This is a sign that your water heater is suffering from interior corrosion. When this occurs, the water probably has a metallic taste and smell as well. If you notice these signs, one of two things is happening with your water heater.

The first option is that the water heater has reached the end of its lifespan and needs to be replaced. In this case, the corrosion will soon cause a leak, which can cause serious damage to your home. You’ll want to replace the unit before this occurs.

The other option is that the water heater needs repair. Water heaters feature anode rods that corrode and need to be replaced. These rods attract corrosive elements to protect the rest of the unit from corrosion. If this is the case, you will experience rust in your water, but you only need to replace these rods rather than the entire unit.

To determine whether your rust issue indicates the need for new water heater installation in Coweta County, GA, consult with a professional. This expert can complete a thorough inspection of the unit to discover the source of the rust and recommend the best course of action.

The unit is leaking

A leak in the water heater should never be ignored. It indicates a serious problem, and your tank could burst at any time. Shut off the unit right away and contact a professional. It may be that you won’t need to replace the entire unit. The technician can find the source of the leak and make the appropriate water heater repair in Coweta County, GA. This will likely involve replacing the cold-water valve, pressure relief valve, drain valve or other connection.

It’s making strange noises

Knocking and popping noises are not normal for a water heater. If you hear these sounds coming from your unit, it’s a sign that you may need to replace it. The noises are typically due to a buildup of sediment in the unit. It’s possible that a technician can save your tank by flushing it out. However, if the buildup has gone on for too long, the unit will need to be replaced.

You have to make frequent repairs

If your unit is requiring a lot of maintenance, it might be best to simply replace it. Again, consult with your local expert who specializes in water heater repair in Coweta County, GA to determine if it’s time to get a new water heater.

We’re here to help

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