What’s Involved in Professional Drain Cleaning Service?

August 27, 2020

Drain pipe cleaning service in Coweta County, GA isn’t something you need every day. However, it’s important to be familiar with this service for those times when you do need it. What can you expect? What’s involved?

Typically, when you contact a drain pipe cleaning service, the technician will complete two main steps to perform this service.

Assessment of the issue

The first thing the technician must do is determine the cause of your clog. Drains can become blocked by naturally-occurring minerals in your water, or the pipes can become plugged with organic debris such as food particles, hair and dirt.

To find out what the issue is with your plumbing, the technician will examine the pipes and locate the clog. This may involve the use of a scoping camera that is inserted in the drain to find the exact location of the blockage.

Removal of the clog

Once the technician has identified the problem, he or she can take the appropriate steps to remove the clog. If the clog does not respond to plunging, the next step is typically snaking. This involves using a long, thin cable which is inserted into the drain to break up the clog.

If the plumber discovers damage to your pipes, such as invading tree roots, the technician will also recommend and complete repairs to the pipes. If hard water buildup is causing the clog, the plumber may advise you to complete hydro jetting to wash away the buildup and prevent future clogs.


Once your local plumbing expert has removed the clog, it’s important to take steps to prevent future issues. Your technician can advise you about specific steps you can take for your setting, based on the cause of the previous clog. However, there are two preventative steps you can take to provide appropriate care for your plumbing.

First, be discerning about what you place down your drains. Even if you have a garbage disposal, not everything should be placed in your plumbing. And toilets can’t flush everything. Consult with your technician to determine what your system is able to handle.

Second, partner with your local plumber to maintain your system. An annual inspection is a good idea to discover minor issues before they become major repairs. If you stay on top of this regular maintenance, it’s likely that you can avoid drain pipe cleaning service in Coweta County, GA.

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