Avoid These Four Types of Water Damage

February 17, 2021

Running water is essential for our modern lifestyle, and yet, water is also one of the most destructive forces in a home. Water damage in Coweta County, GA causes several problems, including structural breakdown, mold and mildew, foundation damage and health risks. Plumbing repair prevents most types of water damage, but there are also some forces beyond your control. Here are four critical types of water damage and how they are addressed:

  • Sewer or water backup: When water or sewage rises up through your drains, that is considered a backup. It is often dangerous because sewage contains harmful bacteria, and even the “just water” backups still contain dirt and waste from sewage pipes. The most common cause of the backup is clogged drains, whether caused by tree roots growing into your sewer main or blockages from your kitchen, bathroom, gutters or rainwater pipes.
  • Water overflow or discharge: This issue includes overflowing toilets due to clogs or letting a sink or bathtub overflow because you stopped paying attention. Water discharge problems include failed appliances (like washing machines or water heaters) or main inflow pipes breaking. Overflow is water escaping from a fixture, while discharge is out-of-control water released from an appliance. If you face this issue, find your master shutoff switch, and shut off the water flowing into your home. Depending on what happened, you would likely call a plumber, appliance repair technician or any other suitable professional to address the malfunction.
  • Municipal issues: These problems arise with public utility pipes, not those residing in your home. City-related pipeline issues may include blocked sanitary mains, aging sewer systems or poor stormwater management. While it is less common now, some cities combined sewage and stormwater into one pipeline, which becomes a problem when areas become dense. If you face a municipal problem, city workers are responsible for repairs on public pipelines. However, you need to call a plumber for any issues that happened within your home. Fortunately, there are cases where homeowners insurance covers these incidents.
  • Floods: Many people call us to report a flooded basement when it is actually a water discharge issue. Floods result from water sources outside your home, like storms and swollen water bodies, which bring water into your space. The problem with floods is that the damage is often not covered by typical homeowners insurance policies. If you live in a high-risk area for floods, ask your insurance for a flood endorsement or secure insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program.

Water damage is destructive and expensive to handle, but you may get help from your insurance company if the source of the water was “sudden and accidental” and not due to maintenance issues with your plumbing. If you want to ensure that any excess water damage is insurable, the best course of action is to stay on top of plumbing maintenance and calling for help if you notice a problem rather than hoping it goes away.

Victor Moody Plumbing Inc. offers commercial and residential plumbing repair in Coweta County, GA. If you notice leaks or water main issues, or want to install new plumbing correctly, you need a professional plumber before you face water damage. Call us today to set up an appointment.

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