New Name, Same Great Service!

March 17, 2021

If you are looking for your favorite local plumber in Coweta County, GA, you might have noticed we are now operating under a new name. Victor Moody Plumbing Inc. is now offering the same great service as Moody & McClendon Plumbing Inc. Everything you’ve come to expect from Victor Moody Plumbing Inc. is still available, from our 24/7 emergency service to our quality residential and commercial plumbing appointments.

Residential and commercial plumbing services

Running water is crucial for modern buildings, and when you have issues, you’ll need help right away. Whether you need repairs, remodeling or installation, Moody & McClendon Plumbing Inc. can help provide your home or business with the fully functional plumbing fixtures you need. Leaky faucets, broken garbage disposals, new water lines and dealing with clogs are all in a day’s work for our plumbers.

If you need new plumbing installation, we’re happy to work with your contractors, budget and deadlines for prompt and efficient service. Whatever the size and scope of your installation, our team can handle it, on time and under budget.

Water heater installation, service and repair

Both homes and businesses need water heaters to get through the day—no one wants to take a cold shower or wash dishes and linens without hot water. Moody & McClendon Plumbing Inc. has the expertise required to service, repair or install all types of water heaters. From gas to electric, traditional to tankless, your water heater is in good hands with us.

When you need water heater service, we’d be glad to flush the tank, check the pilot light and make sure the anode rod is in great condition. If it looks like you’d save time and money getting a new water heater instead—they usually last about 10 to 15 years—we’ll recommend a model that will meet your building’s needs.

Drain cleaning services

Whether at home or at your business, it’s hard to monitor every single thing that goes down your drain. If you’ve noticed your drains bubbling or backing up, or they’re just not draining as quickly as they used to, it’s time for preventative maintenance. Call Moody & McClendon Plumbing Inc. for drain cleaning services—it’ll save you time and money on dealing with more serious problems.

Backflow prevention, testing and repair

The last thing anyone needs is effluent—that is, wastewater—backing up into their drains. It’s unsightly, smells awful and is a health hazard to boot. Our team is happy to install backflow prevention devices, test to ensure they’re working and repair any issues that might crop up.

If you have older plumbing, you’re especially vulnerable to backflow problems. Let our plumbers look at your pipes to see how we can solve this unpleasant issue.

Whether you’ve worked with us for years or you’re searching for a new plumber in Coweta County, GA, Moody & McClendon Plumbing Inc. can help. We offer everything you need to keep your pipes and fixtures in great shape. Call us today to schedule an appointment or get a quote.

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