Reasons to Hire a Professional for Drain Cleaning

May 31, 2021

Clogged drains occur in every home at one time or another—they’re just part of life. While you may be able to address some clogs yourself with at-home drain cleaning in Coweta County, GA, the job is often best left to the professionals. Continue reading to learn why you should consider calling a plumber the next time your drains get clogged.

Home remedies don’t always work

Pouring hot water and dish soap down the drain or trying to remove a clog with a coat hanger might work in some situations, but that’s not always the case. Many clogs are tougher than they appear, and failing to fully remove the clog won’t be much help. A pro’s tools and techniques are sure to work better than anything you have at your house.

Store-bought chemicals do more harm than good

If your home remedies don’t clear the clog, it’s tempting to reach for a bottle of Drano or a similar drain-cleaning chemical—but that’s a bad idea! Those caustic chemicals can clear clogs, but they can also damage your pipes, sink and anything else they touch. It should go without saying that a permanently damaged plumbing system is much worse than a clog.

Plumbers have all of the right tools

Between augers, snakes, plungers and water jets, a plumber has everything needed to clear the toughest clogs. Even if it takes a few hours and a few different tools, you can trust that a plumber will eventually remove the clog when you call them for professional drain cleaning in Coweta County, GA.

You don’t know what’s down there

Hair, food particles and solidified grease are a few of the top causes for clogs, but the possibilities are endless. The material causing the clog often determines which tool is needed—removing clogs is not a one-size-fits-all job. Plumbers often carry endoscopic snake cameras that can find the cause of the clog and help them develop a plan to remove it. Who knows, it might be lost jewelry that you want back!

How often should your drains be cleaned?

In addition to doing your own at-home drain cleaning in Coweta County, GA, we recommend hiring a professional to perform the service about once a year as preventative maintenance. But if you notice bad odors near the drains, gurgling sounds or experience frequent backups, you’ll need to bring in a plumber right away.

Waiting too long to hire a plumber for drain cleaning can lead to leaks, severe clogs and other expensive plumbing emergencies. So pay attention to your plumbing system and hire a pro if anything seems out of the ordinary.

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Whether it’s been a while since you’ve had professional drain cleaning in Coweta County, GA or you’ve noticed signs of trouble, hire us to clean your drains. Our team has years of industry experience and all of the right tools to ensure your drains are free and clear of any debris. Reach out to schedule an appointment!

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