How to Properly Set Your Toilet Flange Height

July 29, 2021

If you have a toilet flange that is either not level or not set to the correct height, there’s a possibility the toilet will develop a wobble or leak around its base. Therefore, it’s important to achieve the correct flange height, and to replace it if it’s broken or damaged.

The toilet flange is what your toilet rests on, and it connects your toilet to the sewage waste line in your home. Flanges that aren’t level can be problematic, and in addition to causing wobbling or leaking, could result in damage to the flange if it’s not corrected as soon as possible.

You know your toilet flange is at the correct height if it’s flush with the finished floor in your bathroom. This means you should lay your flooring before installing the flange. If you ever re-floor your bathroom, this means you’ll need to adjust the flange height to make sure it’s equal with the newly finished floor.

Adjusting the flange height

If you’ve already installed flooring in your bathroom but the flange is either not level or too high, there are several steps you can attempt to correct the problem:

  • Grout: You can try to pack some grout into the gap between the flange and the floor. Let it dry for about 24 hours, then sand down the rough edges. This might help you level off the flange and correct the issue without having to perform any further steps.
  • Floor: You might also try raising the floor around the flange by putting down some thicker tile. However, this will be a more labor-intensive process, and could look strange depending on the layout of your bathroom.
  • Trim: You could also take the flange and the toilet off and trim down the pipe that comes out through the bathroom floor. To do this, you’ll need a saw capable of cutting through whatever material the waste pipe is made from. This is a permanent solution, so make sure this is absolutely the route you want to go before making any cuts.
  • Replace: Your final option is to simply replace the flange so you’ll have a flange that is the exact height you need.

Remember, if your flange sits even with or below the floor, this will be incorrect—you must install the flange evenly on top of the finished floor, because the toilet will recess into the flange after it’s installed. If the flange is even or below the floor, the toilet cannot properly recess down into the flange, which will result in leaks or wobbles.

When selecting a wax ring, never use one with a horn, as that will prevent proper recession into the flange. You should instead opt for a standard ¾” wax ring.

Finally, always remember to turn off the water before making any adjustments to your toilet or your flange.

For more information about changing the flange height or doing any work on your home plumbing, get in touch with Moody & McClendon Plumbing Inc. to schedule an appointment.

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