Signs Your Water Heater Is Wearing Out

July 20, 2022

Many items inside your home will show signs of wear over time. Your water heater is one of the primary components that can break down after many years pass. These are some common inquiries about the warning signs of water heater failure and what you should do if you notice your system showing the signs.  

How Do I Know My Water Heater Is Going Bad?

A glitchy water heater will show many signs, but the first indication is its age. These units generally have a maximum life span of about 12 years. Thus, you can expect to see yours deteriorate if it’s older than ten years and short of regular maintenance. You may also notice the following indicators:

1. Less Hot Water

Now may be the time for a water heater replacement or repair if you notice that your heater produces much less hot water than usual. This process happens because sediment collects over time, causing sluggish hot water production and increased energy usage. 

2. Discolored Water

Sometimes, the sediment in your system will manifest as cloudy water. The presence of such discoloration is an indication of a repair need.  

3. Weird Sounds

You’re likely to hear some concerning sounds as the sediment buildup strains the water heater’s work and bogs it down. You might hear clicks, pops, bangs, or rumbles. 

4. Strange Leaks 

Water can leak from a failing water heater as well. Fortunately, leaks don’t always indicate a dire need to replace the entire heater. You may have a loose connection or a bad valve, or you may be lucky and only need an adjustment.

Alternatively, the tank could be corroded or damaged if your system is past its prime. It’s best to contact someone to inspect the unit and offer professional advice on how you should handle the problem. 

What Do I Do if My Water Heater Shows Malfunction Symptoms?

You should never wait until a small problem grows larger. Be proactive about your water heater and contact a professional company to have it inspected immediately. A certified heating expert will then come to your home and tell you whether there’s still hope for your system.

You may need to have someone replace it altogether. The expert will notify you if you need a complete replacement, and then you can decide whether you can stand to absorb the expense. 

Tips for Preventing Water Heater Problems

The most effective way to prevent water heater damage is to schedule regular inspections and maintenance. A respectable company will examine the intricate parts of your heater and give you a report on its condition. He or she will also perform maintenance tasks such as flushing and valve draining. Having someone do these tasks can give your unit a longer life span. 

You are now fully aware of the warning signs of hot water heater failure and what to do if you notice them. Be sure to have the proper maintenance procedures performed on your heater to extend its life as much as possible. 

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