Is There Mold in Your Water Pipes?

February 15, 2023

If mold is growing inside your appliance water lines and pipes, you have a major problem on your hands. Many homeowners believe that their pipes are practically sealed, which enables the safe passage of clean water. However, while water pipes don’t typically have enough oxygen for mold to thrive, this is not always the case. If you are concerned that mold may be growing in your pipes, continue reading for some potential signs to look out for.

Signs of Mold in Water Pipes

Are you wondering if there is mold in your water? This could be a result of mold being present in your pipes. Here are some telltale signs that may indicate mold in your water pipes.

Foul Smell When You Turn the Water on

The first indicator of mold in your water pipes is an obvious sour smell when you turn your water on. Water doesn’t have a smell at all. If you are curious to find out how long the smell lingers, you can try leaving your water running to see if the smell dissipates or remains.

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Mold on Appliances and Pipes

Another indicator of mold in your pipes is if you notice mold on your pipes and appliances. If visible, it will be on or near your faucets or valves. Mold thrives on surfaces such as fabric or drywall.

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Mold in the Entire Home

If mold is already present in your water pipes, chances are high that it is also in the rest of your home. Mold that can survive in tap water can begin growing in almost any place. If you think about it, you use this water to clean with, bathe in, mop your floors, and wash your laundry. Additionally, you should pay attention to other signs such as sour laundry, moldy bread, or a high mold spore count result from an air test.

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Strong Smell Inside the Water Tank

You should check your water tanks. These tanks may also contain mold. If you notice a strong odor when you open the lid of your water tank, chances are high that you have mold throughout the plumbing system in your home.

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Moldy Smell in Hair

Once your tap water is contaminated with water, it begins to affect everything, including your hair, after you bathe in it. If you constantly notice the smell and can’t seem to get rid of it, try sniffing your hair. You may notice that your hair may be full of mold spores.

Fortunately, with the help of a repair company, you can find the source of your mold growth and have those parts of the pipe or water line replaced. But you’ll also want to ensure that you are proactive in your investigation to ensure you and your family have clean, healthy tap water free of mold.

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