March 24, 2021

Great Service!

"I called Victor Moody Plumbing to replace my hot water heater and they promptly came out and did a n excellent job. I am very pleased with the hot water heater they installed to replace the old leaky water heater. These guys are very professional at a cost that won't break the bank! I would recommend them to anyone."
February 12, 2021

"Hats off to Victor Moody Plumbing ! Have used Victor's services on 2 different homes. Their services are second to none. Would recommend them to anyone. So Fortunate that my wife and I found him ! ! !"
January 15, 2021

"Same plumber has been out twice, did a good job each time, wore a mask, clesned up and removed old parts. I would recommend this plumber to do a good job."
November 11, 2020

"Very happy with Mike and Scott (hope I got the name right,) Accurately diagnosed the source of a knocking sound coming from our hot water heater and fixed the valve, they checked our pressure regulator because we were having leaks and suspected our pressure was too high, then repaired a leak under the sink, then gave me the advice to exercise our Moen lifetime guarantee and when Moen sent the new faucet, they came back to install it for free. Wonderful service, very sharp and personable. They are our go-to company!"
August 30, 2020

"Outstanding job. Priced wright. Would not use any other Plumbing company"
Moody & McClendon Plumbing Inc.