Water Heater Repair in Moreland, GA

The water heater is the unsung hero in any home. When you step into a hot shower or wash your hands under a warm tap, your water heater is doing work. When you stop getting the hot water you want, it’s time to call Moody & McClendon Plumbing Inc. today. We’ll restore the hot water you depend on each day with hot water heater repair in Moreland, Luthersville, Coweta County, Senoia, Newnan, Sharpsburg, and Grantville, GA.

We service all types of water heaters, from traditional tank units to high-efficiency tankless options. We work quickly and are available day or night, giving you hot water once again in no time at all.

Water Heater Repair
  • Installation:

    Water heaters typically last for about 10-15 years before they need to be replaced. As newer, more efficient and reliable units come onto the market, it pays to upgrade to a new water heater installation in Coweta County, GA. We’ll help you make the switch, providing advice on the right size and capacity, as well as model type. Then, we handle the entire installation, from removal of the old installation to proper hookups and testing for the new one.

  • Repair:

    If your water heater is relatively new but running into problems, give us a call. We’re able to spot most common water heater issues and set them right, including faulty pilot lights, broken regulators, poor hookups and more. Our water heater repairs will get your unit back on track to delivering reliable hot water.

  • Maintenance:

    Water heater maintenance is a great way to extend the life of the unit and improve its reliability. Call us every year or two to have your tank flushed, anode rod inspected and replaced and your pilot light serviced. We make sure it’s getting the attention it needs to serve you daily.

Water Heater Repair

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When it comes to water heaters, no one does it better than Moody & McClendon Plumbing Inc. If yours is on the fritz, not providing the hot water you demand or in need of replacement, we’re on the job!

Call us at 770-251-4751 to schedule drain cleaning, backflow testing, and plumbing and water heater repairs, maintenance or a new, energy-efficient installation.

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